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My "Arrow-Dynamic" Approach

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it is about to launch you into something great. So just keep focus, and keep aiming. ~ author unknown.

Life throws us for a loop sometimes. Just when you start to get comfortable, things take a turn or a new challenge quickly presents itself. Whenever I feel like I may have taken a few steps backwards, I remember the quote above and I dig in deeper to pull through. Something great is bound to be ahead. I like this symbolism that the arrow in the quote provides; the idea that the arrow only goes backwards to create a forward surge of energy to launch you into a new opportunity ahead. Arrows are everywhere and their symbolism can be just as strong in just about every application I can consider.

Looking at a map, there is an arrow that points forward for North. Why is this symbolic to me? Well when I was young I always thought North was "up" and the only thing I thought of that could possibly be "up" was God in heaven. As an adult, when my direction in life seems muddled, I tell myself to head North by praying and turning back to God to help me find my way. #godhasaplan

My cursor is an arrow. Even as I type, its presence reminds me that I am in control. Free will is a scary thing at times. We inevitably make wrong decisions in our lifetimes. We hurt people with words or actions and no apologies can take that back. Life can get seriously difficult. Drowning in debt, being unable to break through a glass ceiling, having to watch the sunshine of a beautiful day through a window while you work through the daylight is cruel at times. Instead of giving up, move your cursor. Remind yourself that you are in control. Mistakes made are in the past, challenges faced can all be overcome, because you have the control to change your situation for the better. While you have no control over those around you, you control the cursor that says you control your own life.#takecontrol

Arrows identify steps in workflows or processes; showing what to do next. They don't point backwards to show you where you have been, in fact they inherently say: Go Forward. Progress. Achieve. Pretend that there is always an arrow pointing you in the right direction of what you need to do next to achieve your goals. Be ambitious! Seize opportunities as they come and when they are not there - make them yourself!

We are all familiar with the classic image for recycling: the 3 arrows that point to each other, showing an unending cycle. You may have heard the expression, what goes around comes around. Put positive energy out there and it will be received. Reflect on this when you look at this triad of arrows that can be found on most plastic and paper products. Have it serve as a daily reminder to be good to yourself and to others, and life will in turn be good to you.

So I choose to live my life "Arrow-Dynamically" in both my personal and professional life by seeing every arrow that comes into view as a reminder to aim higher, pray more, take control, never give up, keep motivated to achieve my goals and always be prepared to be propelled forward after difficult times. Life can be a struggle, but at least we can keep our eyes open for arrows to get us through it.

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