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No excuses

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

Someone once said if it is important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you will find an excuse.

I think a lot about how this relates to me on a personal level as well as professional.  In 2006, I had to figure out what was important to me.  Looking into my son’s eyes I realized what I wanted was to give him a role model.  Someone that took life by the horns and said I do not care what you throw at me, I am coming out on top.  I felt strongly that he needed someone to show him that he could accomplish absolutely anything he set his mind to no matter what obstacles stood in his way.

I looked in the mirror that night and realized that if I felt so strongly that this was important to me that deserved the same role model.  I made a decision the next day that I was going to have to be that role model for both of us.

My son was just barely 4 years old when his father and I divorced.  I began to feel the pressure faced with being single income household with a child.  My biggest fear became not being able to financially support my son and after nearly eight years of employment, my fear was realized.

Unemployment did not cover expenses, savings ran out, and I needed to sell plasma just to pay for gas in the car.  I tried to get a new job in the field I had been working in but no one was hiring.  I tried sales and quickly realized that while I could build relationships, closing a sale was not my strong suit.

I need to become a role model I told myself.  I want to inspire others.  My son deserves to have a mom he can be proud of and grow up aspiring to be more like.

I enrolled in online courses, received my Associates in Business, then a Bachelors of Science in Management of Human Services.  I got a new job.

There were many exhausting nights working on homework after my son was in bed and going to work full time after making breakfast and driving my son to the bus stop in the morning.

Later I was given a chance to put together some marketing materials.  I had never done such a thing before but I consider myself crafty and have a good eye so I was excited about the opportunity.  Someone offered some hurtful feedback “Come on now” he said, “That’s basic graphic design 101.”

My bubble burst and I got mad.  Yes, of course I was hurt that anyone would so harshly analyze my work when I had no formal training but to be so arrogant about it angered me.  I thought about anyone treating my son that way and telling my son he could not so something.  How did I want my son to overcome this?  The answer to that question is by saying, “I’ll teach you basic graphic design 101!”

I enrolled to get my certification in Visual Communication.  I learned about graphic design, colors, and placement and I did show that man at the office things he did not even know.  I was proud of myself.  I made no excuses and I went for it.

With KaPow Marketing Pro, my favorite thing to do is listen to people about their goals and all that they have done to get to where they are today.  Some have achieved their goals and are in the process of creating new ones.  Others are excited and scared and soak up suggestions like a sponge.  I get so excited at the opportunity of being a part of someone else’s dream and helping them to realize other avenues to help them get there.  It can get very frustrating at times when you offer great advice and they do not take it though.  I am sure my friends and family can relate as they have supported me in my journey and watched as I hit rocky paths rather than take their advice.  What I do not put up with though are excuses.  I have learned to call them out to people.

When you hear people making excuses, what you are hearing is them doubting their dream.  Their fears and insecurities are blanketing with their progression towards their goal with a thick fog that they fear they cannot get through.  By pointing it out to them that they are making an excuses, you are that lighthouse saying the goal is still there, don’t let this excuses stop you but rather find out a way to get past it.

KaPow Marketing Pro seeks to make the visions and goals of their customers come to life.  This is my promise to my customers and to myself.  I want to help everyone I can realize their dreams.

Think about what is important to you.  Write it down.  Envision it.  Whatever you do, do not make excuses.  If you let those excuses get the better of you, you have lost your vision and it is time to reevaluate.  Why did you let the excuses win?  Maybe the goal was not as important to you as you thought it was.  If that is the case, what is important to you now?

It is your dream.  You deserve to be your own role model. Chase it.  #noexcuses #chaseyourdreams

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